Our pipe bending process is a proven solution for the pipeline, oil field, power, chemical process, and refining industries.

Stronger By Design. More Durable By Nature.

Pipe bending makes pipe stronger, while maintaining the design integrity and PFI tolerances. The bending process thickens the intrados of the pipe, making it less susceptible to stress and pressure as proven by the ANSI B16.9 Burst Test. Bent pipe is also easier to install in the field and requires fewer field repairs than welded pipe.

Faster Production means an increase in output.

The pipe bending process reduces time spent on fabrication and welding, creating increases in output and spool production. Material procurement is faster and the process improves shop efficiency and production.

Custom Bends With Precise Angles.

The pipe bending process allows pipe to be bent to any angle your job requires. This eliminates the need for customers to forge or weld tangents to create the desired end dimensions. All of our bends are custom made to meet your job requirements. Precision angle bends meet the same Turner shop standard and customer tolerances as standard angle degrees, such as 90° and 45°.

Lower Costs With a Streamlined Process.

Pipe bending reduces labor costs because it requires fewer welds and bevels, as well as less time spent on documentation, fabrication, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and post-weld heat treatment. The pipe bending process also reduces the amount of surplus materials leftover after each job, making each project more efficient while keeping costs down.

The Largest Privately Owned Pipe Fabricator in the U.S.A.

Turner Industries is the largest private pipe fabricator in the United States. We’re also the most experienced. In 1983, we pioneered induction bending in the U.S. Today, we offer cold bends and induction bends. Our Schwarze Wirtz Cold Bending Machines are capable of bending spools up to 4” diameter with radius ranges from 1.5 to 5 times nominal pipe size. Our Cojafex Induction Bending Machines are capable of bending 2” to 54” carbon and alloy steel pipe, making Turner Industries one of only four companies in the country with the capability to bend up to 54” pipe.

In conjunction with bending, our on-site climate controlled facilities can apply the protective coatings you need. With many years of experience in applying Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Thermal Spray Aluminum, and all types of liquid coatings, Turner can be your single source solution for all of your bending and coating needs.